About Clara Barenne

After studying humanities, I joined an audiovisual company just a few months before a car accident which left me with recurring and painful after-effects for years.

Against all odds, alternative therapies alone would allow me to get a normal life back.

Consequently, I got interested in Dr Liu Dong’s Qi Gong method, then I earned a Masters’s degree in Sophro-relaxation and a certificate in French and English aromatherapy.

At the dawn of the 21st century, I randomly discovered Reiki; this simple-looking method by all appearances intrigued me.




I started studying it in Paris but it is in Japan, home of Reiki, that I found all the answers to my various questions.

After meeting Doi Sensei in Italy, I left for Ashiya to take part in his courses with Japanese students.

In Kyoto, I was taught by Yamaguchi Sensei in the beautiful traditional house where his mother, Chiyoko Sensei, devoted 65 years of her life to teaching and performing Reiki.

I joined Dr Mochizuki to learn the art of Kobido.

I want to thank here each and every person who has helped me in my research along the way and more particularly James Deacon, the epic dynamic Berliner from Reiki Magazin, Frans and Bronwen Stiene, Doi Sensei, Mrs Fumi Koji, Dr Mochizuki, Arjava, Yamaguchi Sensei as well as Mrs Ikuko Hirota and the school members in Kyoto.