Reiki and Medicine

All the cells in our body communicate both through the circulation of messenger molecules in the blood and through energy lines that run throughout our body; these are the acupuncture meridians, vectors of our Vital Energy.

Reiki restores ruptures in balance in the meridian system, often called “energy blockages”. It improves blood circulation and maintains the lymphatic system by draining the accumulation of toxins that alter our general state. It restores, strengthens and stabilises the defence mechanisms and those that naturally restructure the organism. Acting on both the physical and psycho-emotional planes, Reiki brings revitalisation, calm, focus and serenity.





Mikao Usui sensei stated at the time: “Reiki does not contravene the laws and rules governing medicine.”

In fact, Reiki does not oppose or substitute medicine. With its holistic approach, it complements medical and paramedical practices.

By its detoxifying and revitalising action, it optimises the medical treatment by soothing side effects.