A Reiki session for an adult lasts between one and one and a half hours, and maybe up to 2 hours with a short interview beforehand for the patient to explain their situation.
It is practiced dressed, lying comfortably on a massage table with relaxing music, which is optional. The practitioner places his/her hands first on the head of the patient, and then addresses the points of pain identified by the patient, followed by the whole body (thorax, abdomen, back, legs, feet).
Reiki relaxes the muscles, eliminates toxins, promotes blood circulation and removes fatigue and stress. Its result is an immediate and lasting harmony and serenity of body and mind.
Practiced regularly, Reiki is a valuable aid to quickly recharging, preserving energy stores and keeping in good shape.



1h – 70 euros

1h30 – 80 euros

2h – 90 euros

Kobido session

The Japanese art of Kobido dates back to the 15th century ;

It was originally reserved for the imperial family and a few privileged people.

It is a set of massage techniques which acts as a natural facelift.

According to Kobido, beauty reflects the perfect balance of the body, the heart and the mind.


1h – 80 euros

Sophro-relaxation session

Sophro-relaxation combines various techniques based on breathing, psychophysical relaxation, visualising and dynamic management of the mind which allow better physical and psychological balance.


1h – 70 euros